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Hydro Excavation & VAC Trucks

The only available non-mechanical, non-destructive method of digging. Hydro excavation uses pressurized water and a powerful vacuum system to quickly and safely expose underground infrastructure such as utility lines, pipes, cables and other structures. The Hydrovac process uses pressurized water and is directed into the ground using a handheld hose to safely loosen and break up soil.



Utilities, such as oil, gas, water, sewerage, electricity and telecommunications, are all transported long distances below the ground where ground can vary from soil to hard rock. Our high-powered Vac trucks are used to do damage control and speed up the process when time is an issue.



The hydro – vacuum excavator works in a variety of soils and conditions such as clay, gravel, and frozen ground. It exposes the pipes and utilities by using a combination of pressure, as well as hot and cold water. It then vacuums up the slurry debris material using a large attached hose. A mobile evacuation storage tank stores the slurry debris and hauls it away for later disposal.



The purpose of slot trenching is to dig narrow trenches. This is a very important requirement for installing pipes, cables, signs, posts and other utilities underground. Since only narrow trenches are needed for these types of jobs, hydro excavation provides a better option because of its accuracy and precision.


High pressure flushing is one of the most cost-effective ways to get a line flowing again quickly and efficiently. From removing grease, sludge, and everyday buildup, this method gives long-lasting results. Our Flusher trucks remove blockages such as silt, sludge, debris and buildup in sanitary drains / storm drains ranging in various sizes.


Pressure washing and vacuum cleaning storm catch basins, ensures effective water flow throughout the whole municipal sewer/stormwater network. Vacuum cleaning is a cost-effective method of removing the dirt, grit, and other debris that can build up and result in partial or complete blockage and interruption of stormwater flow.