• Fully trained and equipped to provide locates of all critical infrastructure, including cable, phone, fibre, gas, buried hydro, and water mains
  • We supply crews for gas, electric, fiber, CATV, water, and sewer locates

Locating underground services just inside your property line, or in situations involving more than one structure on a single property is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

You’re at risk when digging to bury BBQ lines and pool heaters, or when running hydro to sheds, outdoor lights, or other facilities.

Respectful & Careful

Courteous work crews and rigorous quality management protocols assure quick response times and a superior customer experience without damage to surface surroundings and landscaping.

Timely, Detailed Reporting

Municipal, utility and institutional accounts applaud our outstanding record-keeping and reporting, as it helps them maintain quality field records on placement of physical assets.